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Learning and Performance Coaching

Identify challenges

Learn new skills

Shift mind set

Set goals

Celebrate successes

Psychoeducational Evaluations

Find the source of struggles

Identify the pattern of strengths and weaknesses

Set goals

Make a plan

Follow through

Gifted and Twice Exceptional Evaluations

Evaluations specifically focused on the needs of the gifted student

Identify the strengths and challenges

Set goals

Make a plan

Follow through

Executive Function Coaching

Identify challenges

Learn SMART skills

Set goals

Support to follow through

Celebrate success

Dyslexia Screening

Quick Assessment of risk

Parent Consultation

Identify challenges at home

Make a game plan with goals


Learn new skills

Get support

Decipher reports

Celebrate success

Attention Skills

Cognitive training with Feedback

Academic Skills Assessment

Grade based review of current academic function


Teacher Consultation

Identify current strategy

Learn new skills to reach all learners

Get support and supervision

Celebrate successes

Classroom Observations

Objective review of current situation

Establish ecological validity

Private School Consultation

Support considering your student's next steps

Set goals and priorities

Prepare for interview

Nutrition Coaching

identify nutritional profile

assess goals

review existing tests and coordination with physicians

make recommendations

celebrate nutritional success


Dyslexia Tutoring 

Learn Homework Hacks

Get subject area support

Reading and Writing Services


Workshops and Seminars

dyslexia simulations

executive function



nutrition and the brain

writing skills

What do these evaluations mean anyway

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